Lana Sharapova Is Thicc

model: Lana Sharapova / duration: 36:38

In 60FPS. A FIT18 X THICC18 presentation originally published on Fit18 and provided here as a sample since Lana has a thicc booty. Tall blonde beauty Lana goes to the gym occasionally but mostly stays active by walking her dog. After trying on some of the fitness clothes, she offered to give me a blowjob and I couldn't say no. When her mouth got tired, I bent her over the couch, wrapped by t-shirt around her neck, and fucked her hard from the back. Her juicy ass was the perfect amount of cushion as I went harder and faster, pulling her back with the t-shirt. She was a horny little slut who let me finish the interview inside her. I dont know if she has the right body for fitness modeling, but I will definitely ask her if she would like to model for something a little more erotic, considering her booty and skills.

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